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About Us

The Board of Barristers is a law student organization focused on courtroom and advocacy skills. The Board organizes, judges, and executes eight to ten competitions per academic year, with attorneys and judges from around the state serving as guest judges during advanced rounds. The Board is a unique student organization dedicated to teaching students through action in order to complement classroom education.


The Board of Barristers is comprised of approximately the top 10% of Texas Tech University School of Law student advocates. Comprised of third-year law students, the Board of Barristers is an elite and passionate group of individuals who are interested in litigation and practical advocacy training. In order to receive an invitation to join the Board of Barristers, students must exhibit excellence in the Board’s competitions, possess outstanding moral character, and display a passion for the practice of law. Each member of the Board of Barristers is an exemplar of these qualities and serves the school in a manner that inspires others to follow suit.

The Board of Barristers believes that well-rounded advocates make the best lawyers. Clients need attorneys who are able to think creatively, anticipate opposing arguments, and find clever solutions to legal problems. These are the kinds of attorneys that the Board of Barristers produces. We believe that the best way to produce well-rounded, practice-ready, young lawyers is to give Tech Law students advocacy training from the very start of their law school experience. Beginning as early as their very first semester, advocates can engage in competitions that test their skills and abilities, both of which are furthered by competition amongst student peers.


Our method is simple: go for it. While the Board of Barrister's office door is always open and members are available for guidance, we believe that the best way to learn how to present oral arguments and advocate for your client is to immerse yourself in the actual experience. Board competitions provide an open, mentor-type environment in which to develop advocacy skills. Our competitions allow students to build on their strengths and weaknesses for future competitions. After every competition round, our student competitors are provided with instant feedback from BoB members and guest judges who have the knowledge and experience to mentor our advocates.


The Board of Barristers has a reputation for producing some of the best litigators in Texas and beyond. When you encounter one of our alumni in the profession, you know to expect a great advocate. In addition, students often claim that their Board of Barristers experiences were some of the most fun and meaningful times of their law school career. The only way to truly understand the value produced by this unique organization is to join our method and find out for yourself… compete!

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