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Current and Past Boards

This page displays the current Board of Barristers. To view past Boards, hover over the Boards tab at the top and select the desired year. 

2023-2024 Board of Barristers

Executive Committee

Katey McCall


Avery Bertagna

Vice Chair of Administration

Haley Bray

Vice Chair of Appellate Advocacy

Matt Farago

Vice Chair of Negotiations

David Bedgood

Vice Chair of Trial Advocacy

Khusbu Shah

Vice Chair of Competitors

Shelbi Stogdill

Vice Chair of Judges


Maddie Royal

Director of Special Events

Kyndsey Jones

Director of Communications

Sarah McClure

Director of Oral Advocacy

Christian Shaffer

Director of Written Advocacy

Arvin Farangi

Director of Negotiations

Macy Massey

Director of Trial Advocacy

Cassidy Monska

Director of Competitors

Victoria Gallegos

Director of Judges


Alexis Hill

David Bunn

Megan Gower

Alli Morgan

Halee Sanderson

Nat Dudar

Anne Greenberg

Henry Terrones

Renee Rodriguez

Austin Heinisch

Jared Williams

Riley Caraway

Barry Klein

Kristi Berrier

Sam Vanderpool

Cameron Hekkert

Malik Williams

Sarah Jarwan

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