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Current and Past Boards

This page displays the current Board of Barristers. To view past Boards, hover over the Boards tab at the top and select the desired year. 

2022-2023 Board of Barristers

Executive Committee

Rachel Porter


Travis Wiebold

Vice Chair of Administration

Riley Carter

Vice Chair of Appellate Advocacy

Cameron Morris

Vice Chair of Negotiations

Claire Andrews

Vice Chair of Trial Advocacy

Abigail Goodman

Vice Chair of Competitors

Hailey Schmitt

Vice Chair of Judges


Braden Anderson

Director of Special Events

Katherine Turner

Director of Communications

Payton Saunders

Director of Oral Advocacy

Addison May

Director of Written Advocacy

Morgan Walton

Director of Negotiations

Jacob Rey

Director of Trial Advocacy

Emily Spjut

Director of Competitors

Leena Al-Souki

Director of Judges


Beth Cavanaugh

Lauren Pedde

Brooke Allen

Mark Hand

Caleb Hudgens

Miguel Escobar

Garrett Elliott

Noah Alford

Jacey Harmon

Paloma Flores

Julia Ferron

Summer Johnson

Julia Green

Zachary Zahn

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